Don’t Miss Big Potato’s Tabletop Trove at SitC 2019!

Big Potato Games will be joining us for another year at SitC 2019 to bring you the best experience! 

Swing by “Big Potato’s Treasure Trove’, as they take over our table top gaming area and transform it into a fun, relaxing environment for you to play some amazing games with friends and maybe even spot the odd plush potato! 

What can you play at Big Potato’s Treasure Trove? Good question! Here are a few of Big Potato Games’ latest titles that will be showcased 

1. The ‘Blockbuster’ game (yes, as in the video rental store): we managed to get the license for it! It’s a movie party game, but you don’t have to know loads about movies to play it.
2. ‘20 Second Showdown’: it’s a fast and frantic random challenge game.
3. ‘What Came First’: it’s a trivia team game where you have to bet on who or what came first. For example Cher vs. Tupperware, King Kong vs. Ping Pong.
4. ‘Head Hackers’: it’s a party game about reading minds and stealing clues… and it comes complete with a tin foil hat.
5. ‘Disney Colourbrain’: this is a Disney trivia game, where all the answers are colours (like our original game, Colourbrain).


That’s not all though, as we’re also told Big Potato Games will be bringing some copies of their special convention edition of “Don’t Get Got”, which is a fun little game you can play as you go about your day in SitC! 

Seriously.. ANYONE could be playing that game, so keep your wits about you and DON’T GET GOT! 

Find Big Potato Games in our Expo hall at Summer in the City 2019!