BSL Interpreters

We are pleased to say that all of the panels that were requested on our BSL Request form will be interpreted! Please find a full list of panels that will have BSL interpreters on them below.

Friday 10th August

1pm – How to Grow Your Audience By Using Captions
1:30pm – TikTok Success in 2019
3pm – Instagram Presents: Owning Your Space
4:30pm – From First Follower to Building a Business – How LadBaby

We have fulfilled all BSL requests for Friday, but do have some spaces. If you have any specific requests during unscheduled gaps, please email us at

Saturday 11th August
12pm – Writing Panel – Panel Room A
1pm – True Crime Panel – Panel Room B
2pm – Mental Health & Social Media – Panel Room A
3:30pm – LGBTQ+ – Panel Room A
4pm – Music Panel – Panel Room A
5pm – Smaller Creators Panel – Panel Room B

Sunday 12th August

12pm – Filmmaking Panel- Panel Room A
1pm – Creator Burnout – Panel Room A
2pm РWith Great Influence Comes Great Responsibility  РLifestyle Stage
3pm – Disabilities and Chronic Illness Online – Panel Room A
4pm – Honesty Hour –¬†Panel Room A
5pm – Representation & Diversity Online – Panel Room A